Air-to-air source heat pumps

The perfect temperature, all year round

Cost-effective heating and cooling

The energy crisis has meant huge interest in cheaper alternatives to the traditional ways of heating homes. More and more people are realising something we’ve known for a very long time – air-to-air source heat pumps are often the perfect solution.

The basic principle isn’t new. The air conditioning units we’ve been installing for years are air-to-air source heat pumps, it’s just that they’ve generally been used for cooling instead of heating. The beauty of course is that they can do both, keeping your rooms at the perfect temperature, all year round.

Owners of conservatories and static/park homes worked this out a few years ago. However it’s only fairly recently people have started to realise that air-to-air source heat pumps are the perfect, low cost, low environmental impact solution for almost any room in a house or flat.

Air-to-air source heat pumps are very much part of the future of heating homes and businesses. Why not join the revolution, save money and lower your carbon footprint, all at the same time!

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Why us?

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  • Cools in the summer, heats in the winter
  • Cost-effective with systems starting at £850 installed
  • Lower energy bills
  • Low environmental impact
  • Quick, neat and unobtrusive installation
  • Easy remote controlled operation