Cost-effective, energy efficient heating solutions for homes, conservatories, caravans and static/park homes


The most cost-effective heating option for homes, conservatories, park homes, static homes and caravans

Did you know that air conditioning systems can be excellent heating solutions in the winter months, as well as for cooling in summer months?

The table shows a running costs comparison between different types of heating, with air conditioning coming out significantly cheaper than all other types.

Air conditioning for heating makes even more sense where gas radiator central heating is unavailable or impractical and provides a cost-effective, energy efficient alternative to bottled gas and electric options – with the added bonus of cooling in the summer.

No need to close your conservatory up for the winter because of escalating energy costs – invest in air conditioning and benefit all year round!

The benefits include

  • No need to block light with ugly, solid conservatory roofs
  • Cools in the summer, heats in the winter
  • Cost-effective with systems starting at £850 installed.
  • Quick, neat and unobtrusive installation
  • Lower energy bills
  • No more expensive bottles of gas
  • Easy remote controlled operation

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Annual Heating Cost Comparison

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