Having air conditioning at home is becoming more and more popular. There is one main reason for this – PRICE.

Many people find that they can only use their conservatories for a few months of the year as they are either too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. Northants Refrigeration can solve this problem. By having an air conditioning unit installed in your conservatory you can maintain the temperature all year round and get full use out of that extra room you paid so much money for – more information here.

We are also finding more people are choosing to have their bedrooms air conditioned to help them sleep during those long hot summer nights. Then as the winter nights draw in with one press of a button you can comfortably and quickly heat your room.

It does not matter what room you are looking to air condition in your home, Northants Refrigeration can supply and install an air conditioning unit from as little as £850 installed.

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